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AT&T Wireless Discount

AT&T Wireless Discount
August 1, 2013 | posted by:

Great News! PalmerHouse is now offering a discount program for all PHP Agents currently using AT&T wireless. The discount will apply to your existing account’s monthly fee as well as new accounts and selected new purchases. It’s easy to take advantage of the program. Just register your current AT&T wireless account number at the below link.

Note: you must use your PalmerHouse Properties email address to register. If you use a personal email account, it will accept it, but you won’t earn the discount.

Your email address must be entered like this….
your(dotted)name(at)palmerhouseproperties(dotted)com …. then enter your current personal AT&T cell number.

Once you register, AT&T will send you an email to confirm your registration and outline the program’s details. Note that it can take up to 2 months or more for discounts to appear on your monthly bill.

The more agents that join, the greater the discount. When more than 200 agents register, we’ll reach the maximum allowable discount that the program offers. Initial discounts may be as low as 10%. They could rise to 20% when 200+ of our AT&T agents register. Your discount will appear on your monthly AT&T bill.

We hope that you’ll take advantage of this great new program. We are always looking for ways to enhance our Agent experience at PalmerHouse. Note that we also expect to roll out a Verizon program soon.

What if I don’t have a PalmerHouse email address now?

If you want to receive the AT&T discount but do not now have an email address, please email Daniella Ouanounou at douanounou(at)phpatlanta(dotted)com to request one. Remember, these addresses forward to your personal email account, such as your gmail. So be sure to indicate which personal email address you want the PalmerHouse email address to be forwarded to. There is no log in or reply option from this email account. Also, we will not update your profile on the PHP website with the email address unless you advise us to do so. This new email address can take 4 days to be activated. We will notify you once the email has been activated and then you can request the AT&T discount.

Here are the AT&T program details.

An AT&T exclusive wireless discount program is now active for your organization’s employees. Eligible employees can visit this web site to take advantage of online-only offers and savings on qualified AT&T services and devices:

This custom online registration and store allows employees to easily register for monthly bill discounts and browse and purchase AT&T phones, voice and data plans, accessories, and more—at discounted prices negotiated by your organization. (Employees must take personal financial responsibility for their individual purchases and AT&T accounts.)

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