It's good to be home

Chris M.

“Hey Tom,

Luxe is great. We are so pleased to be at this building and so pleased to with the condo itself. The building is great, staff has been easy to work with, the pool is fantastic (though two quick dips are all I?ve been able to manage) and we are beginning to enjoy walking to the local restaurants and Caribou coffee. Two of our closest friends are a short stroll to 9th street and I can see the building of another couple I know who live on 13th.

Thanks again for all of your help in the sale of Victor Road and the purchase at Luxe. Your ability to adapt to the many changes and challenges we had with this process was much appreciated. I would also like to compliment you on your ability to stay cool under pressure as I know someone with less restraint would have blown a gasket a couple of time since May.

Thanks again for all of you help and assistance.”