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PalmerHouse Introduces Strategic Partners & Approved Vendors Program

We understand the value of good partnerships. Over the years, we have worked with some of the most-respected service companies in Atlanta. Our Strategic Partners have been selected based the experience, expertise and commitment to excellent services and products.

Strategic Partners & Approved Vendors Brochure
PalmerHouse has published the Strategic Partners & Approved Vendors Brochure as a resource for our agents and clients during and after the sale or purchase of their home. Often time new homeowners do not have the contacts for various home-related services. The Brochure is an excellent resource for them and also keeps YOU, as the agent, top of mind.

The Brochure is available on this News Report (Download PDF) or can be downloaded from the PHP Agent Resource Center. Hard copies of the Brochure are also available at the Buckhead Office.

Please feel free to email, print/mail or deliver at the closing the Brochure to your clients for future reference.