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PalmerHouse Pays Commission Same Day

At PalmerHouse, we’re always available to PAY OUR AGENTS ON THE SAME DAY. Our goal is to pay agents as quickly as possible. So we go out of our way to offer Agents several ways to be paid. Of course, we offer Pay-At-Close and Direct Deposit…but unlike many brokers, our agents can always pick up their check on the SAME DAY – at four of our six locations.

At PalmerHouse, we process Pay-At-Close with any closing law firm that will participate. There is nothing better than get YOUR commission check at the closing table. Is your preferred closing attorney approved for Pay-At-Close at your broker?

At PalmerHouse, your banking and account information never leaves our office. Direct deposits are processed in-house, and not by a third-party. If an Agent has a billing or commission question, the Agent can speak directly to the PalmerHouse staff member responsible for commissions, not some third-party vendor.

At PalmerHouse, we understand that getting your commissions to you as soon as possible is one of our most critical responsibilities. We also understand that, from time to time, you may need those commissions even BEFORE the closing. We have implemented the Clear To Close – Clear To Pay® program to assist our Agents when those situations arise. No longer do you have to work with a third-party vendor to get YOUR commissions.