It's good to be home

What a Great Start!

Hi Tom,
It’s so nice to be on board. I told my family how impressed I was with PHP… the information, the earnest money issues that are so critical, offices that are available at SunTrust, and even a professional headshot for $25! I already have someone from my old office that’s chomping at the bit to follow me here ? he’s just waiting on his closing.
Thanks for all your help. Everyone is such a professional, and the office has such an upbeat atmosphere. Now that’s the kind of place where you want to hang your license! And at the sales meeting, I was actually surprised because everyone seemed so comfortable and relaxed. And to see upper management so approachable was a nice change. You really do have a warm office and that’s very important to us newbies. Also, the efficiency of your office was equally impressive I really believe I made the right move.
Thanks Again!